House 2006

A Computerized Christmas Lights Display

in San Diego, CA

FM Radio Sign



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Show Times for 2008:

Mon.- Thurs. 5:30 PM - 10 PM
Fri.- Sun. 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Dec. 11 - Jan. 4


12082 Mannix Rd.
San Diego, CA 92129

Google Maps link



Quick stats:

  • 22,000 lights
  • 5,760 Watts
  • 56 Individual Computer Controlled Circuits (channels)



The show is finally up and running for the season. I'm still working on some new stuff for this year but its current state is about how it looked last year.



Well, the lights are out for another year. There was a lot of stuff that didn't get done, but I guess that will have to wait until next year. Anyway, videos of this year's display will be up soon. (thanks to the neighbors on the left for letting me borrow their camcorder). Now it's time to pack everything up and update the inventory with the thousands of additional lights I got from the after-Christmas clearance sales. I know the site is pretty bare right now, so once the lights are all put away, that's a priority on the list.


The controller board the snail took out is unrepairable, but I combined some of the bush color channels to free up enough channels to let each mini tree have a channel. Three new songs have been added to the rotation and I put a speaker outside so you don't have to be near a radio to hear the lights. Strobe lights have also been added to some of the bushes which gives a cool effect and are only fired in certain parts of the song.


The light show is up and running now for the season. Right now only four songs are in the rotation and I have still have some other plans for the display this year. Also, a snail somehow mananged to get into one of the controller boards and it took out a bank of eight channels. I now have to see if the board can be repaired and if not, rearrange some of the channels.


Updates are still being made to the site. There are still quite a few dead links, which should be taken care of over the next few days.

Currently the lights are all up and turned on but they are static. I only had five days to setup and I wasn't able to get the light show programmed in time. However, the lights will be synchronized to music shortly after I return back to San Diego. In the mean time, all 20,000 lights will be on from 6 PM - 10 PM each night. does viagra daily work viagra prescription only australia over the counter viagra like can you use viagra for fun walmart sell viagra does viagra have any effect on women viagra viagra or viagra what is better viagra reviews patients cheap viagra reviews